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The Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur, startup, established small business or freelancer? Create your free Entrepreneur profile to access information, products and services specifically designed to help you with your business.

We know how tough it is for Entrepreneurs to start their own business. Even with the numerous organizations and tools available, it’s a frustrating and time-consuming process to find relevant resources.

Entri has already done the legwork for you, providing all the information you need in one place. Create your free Entrepreneur profile to access these resources and engage with other Entrepreneurs and organizations to promote your venture.

Register and join the Entri community to turn your brainchild into a business.

The Enabler

Are you an organization or initiative who is dedicated to enabling startup and small business development? Create your Enabler profile to showcase your products and services, and connect with potential candidates.

As an Enabler, you understand how difficult the operating environment for small businesses can be in South Africa. That’s why it’s your mission to contribute to the development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME).

Enablers are dedicated to making a difference to economic growth by offering funding, incubation, workshops, mentorship, competitions, or enterprise and supplier development programs to Entrepreneurs. So if you want to enable an SME, or share your innovative products and solutions, Entri is the platform for you.

Create your Enabler profile to promote your offerings and connect with a network of Entrepreneurs and organizations. Entri also helps you find Entrepreneurs in your target market by demographic, location or industry.

Register to find, connect and enable Entrepreneurs.

The Supporter

Do you recognise the pivotal role small businesses play in our economy, but you’re unsure of how to get involved? Create your free Supporter profile to partner with Entrepreneurs, or to learn more about the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A Supporter can be a medium to large-sized business interested in supporting small business development. Or you could be a researcher or journalist who wants to learn more about the state of entrepreneurship in South Africa.

As a Supporter you can monitor a range of activity on Entri, keeping your fingers firmly on the pulse of the South African entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Create your free Supporter profile to learn about how to contribute to pooled funds that assist and train small business, invest in venture capital firms, or include small businesses in your supply chain.

Register and keep up to date with how you can support Entrepreneurs.

Entrihub Services

Entrihub offers key services for startup and small business

The Startup Start Up Kit

The Startup Start Up Kit

Your basic startup kit when you kickoff your new venture- including branding, website development, business plan, company registration and  bonus coaching session!



One-on-one coaching to help you build and grow your business.

Business plans

Business Plans

Let us help you document your business plan professionally.

Pitch Decks

Pitch Decks

Professional and eye catching pitch decks and company profiles for you to easily distribute to investors and clients.

Website Development

Website Development

We’ll help you build an online presence with fully responsive websites

E-Commerce site

E-Commerce site

We can build your online store that is fully set up to collect online payments.



Logo design, business card, letterheads and email signature designs.

Company registration

Company registration

We’ll help you register with CIPC and SARS + bonus BBBEE certificate.

Explainer video

Watch our explainer video that sets out the entrepreneurial ecosystem, who the key players are and how Entri is the single platform that brings the ecosystem together.

Demo video

Watch our demo to learn how to use Entrihub to it’s full potential. Discover all of Entrihub’s functionalities and how it can help you start and grow your business.

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